The CINC V05 centrifuge has a maximum flowrate of 0.5 gallons per minute (18.9 liters per minute)

There are five main versions of the V05 centrifuge that have been manufactured...

Standard Unit

The original V05 utilized a welded rotor and was available in both high mix and low mix modes. It is no longer manufactured.

Clean in Place (CIP)

The Clean in Place model added the capability to clean the rotor in place without removal by the addition of spray nozzles within the rotor that wash the interior walls of the rotor to remove residue and solids that may accumulate during operation. The nozzle are feed through the rotor shaft through a rotating coupling. To peform a cleaning the unit is stopped and drained. The cleaning fluid is feed into the rotor through the rotary coupling. As the residue and solids are washed from the rotor they drain out through the rotor inlet and the housing drain. Once cleaning is complete the CIP valve is closed, the drain is closed and the unit is restarted for normal operation.

The CIP cycle can be either manual (standard), semi-manual (optional) or fully automated (optional) as required.

The CIP unit is no longer manufactured. Support and spare parts are availabe for existing units.

Take Apart/Clean in Place (TA/CIP)

By adding Take Apart (TA) capability to the rotor, the rotor can be fully disassembled for cleaning and inspection. This is often used in phamaceutical applications and the unit can be supplied and certified for cGMP use in accordance with ASME BPE requirements.

Take Apart/Hanging/Clean in Place (TAH/CIP)

The TAH/CIP centrifuge utilizes a hanging rotor with no lower seal or bearing. The removal of the seal and bearing simplifies operation and reduces maintenance requirements. Removal of the rotor for cleaning can be accomplised by removal of only six (6) cap screws at the top of the bearing housing.

Hanging Hot Cell (HHC)

The Hanging Hot Cell centrifuge was specifically designed for use in applications in which removal of the rotor must be made quickly and easily to minimze exposure to technicians. It uses the hanging design to reduce maintenance and extend operating time between maintenance while at the same time maintains the clean in place capabilties. In addition, the clean in place is expanded to include washing of the housing annulus and collector rings so that all of the internals may be flushed and cleaned to maximize removal of radioactive residue prior to maintenance.

In addition to the standard designs various special designs have been manufactured for special applications including dual seals and heating/cooling jackets.