Centrifuges Over Conventional Technologies

(Mixer Settlers, Columns, Manual Decanting)

Enhanced G Force for Faster and More Efficient Phase Separation

Low Product Inventory, Improved Process Control, and Reduced Waste

Rapid and Intimate Mixing of Liquid Phases
Needed for Extraction, Washing, and Reactions

Compact Design (For Limited Space or Portability)

Multiple Units Can Be Employed for Counter Current or Parallel Processing


CINC Centrifuges Over Competing Designs

Versatile - Can be used as either a Separator or a Mixer / Settler with low cost of conversion.

Economical - Low installed, operating, and maintenance cost.

Reliable - Rugged low maintenance design for continuous duty applications.

Flexible - Can tolerate large swings in feed ratio and can handle 100% flow turndown making it compatible with both batch and continuous processes.

Rapid - Easy to install and start up.  Process reaches equilibrium very quickly.


CINC Features

Rapid weir change allows use in a wide variety of two phase liquid systems.

Speed control gives ability to control mixing and separation force over range of 100 - 1000 G.

Clean-In-Place rotor for easy removal of solids or washing between runs with no disassembly.

Low rotating speed insures quiet operation and long operating life.

All 316L stainless steel construction standard.  Construction with other specialty alloys available upon request.

Explosion proof and washdown duty electricals available upon request.