CINC's unique patented Clean-in-Place (CIP) design offers ease of cleaning to remove accumulated solids from the inside wall of the rotor. The CIP design is also ideal for applications requiring thorough washing of the rotor to avoid cross contamination between product batches. A rotary union attached to the lower rotor shaft provides the inlet for the cleaning solution. The process steps for cleaning are quite simple and the entire sequence can be fully automated. The total operation is performed in minutes requiring no disassembly of the unit or supply lines. When multiple units are operating in parallel to handle a continuous, automated sequential cleaning can be used to avoid flow interruptions, with operator attention.

Clean-in-Place rotors are available on all standard CINC centrifuges from the Model V-05 to the Model V-20. Models utilizing both CIP and cGMP take-apart (TA) technology are also available.