The CINC Centrifuge is used in a variety of applications. Depending upon the application the process fluid is fed the rotor for processing in one of three (3) ways.


The method of feeding the rotor is changed by using one of three available bottom plates


Feed Modes Graphic

The feed method choosen depends upon the type of process and the fluid mixture to be processed.

High Mix

The high mix mode utilized the high mix bottom plate. The high mix mode is most often used for Solvent Extraction or applications in which pre-mixing in the housing is desired before separation of the fluids in the rotor. The CINC machine is often called a contactor due to its ability to contact two fluids in the area between the outside diameter of the rotor the the inside diameter of the housing. This area is referred to as the annulus. When using in this mode an important variable is contact time. The contact time is the period during which the two fluids are in contact with each other in the annulus. It is an important factor in determining mixing and resultant reaction between the two phases during the time that the fluids are in the annulus.

Low Mix

To improve separation for shear sensitive fluids, or in applications where pre-mixing is of no benefit, CINC has developed a low-mixing option that minimizes mixing in the annulus.  This option, referred to as the low-mixing sleeve or low-mix bottom plate, allows operation at higher RPM’s with minimal increase in mixing. The low mixing sleeve is recommended for applications where separation is the most important (e.g. oil/water separation, phases already premixed, shear sensitive fluids)

Direct Feed

For certain applications a Direct Feed option is available for the V02, V05 and V10 in which fluid is feed to the rotor directly into the rotor inlet using a direct feed manifold located at the center of the bottom plate. The direct feed option elminates any possible mixing resulting from fluid in the annulus and works especially well for very viscous fluids that are difficult to feed using the low mix bottom plate.

Please contact CINC for further infomation and assistance on application of the proper feed option.